Shades of Earth is the final novel in the teenage romantic science fiction trilogy, from New York Times bestseller Beth Revis, author of Across. The final book in the New York Times bestselling trilogy, perfect for fans of Battlestar Galactica and Prometheus! FUELED BY LIES. RULED. Synopsis: Amy and Elder have finally left the oppressive walls of the spaceship Godspeed behind. They’re ready to start life afresh–to build a home–on.

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There was this new character Adam. I truly enjoyed this. Then everything they shaees sacrificed–friends, family, life on Earth–will have been for nothing. Also, though it was necessary for the author to bring the romantic subplot to a head here, I admire her ability to keep it firmly in the background and not let it overtake the main issues which are survival and solving the mysteries of GodspeedOrion and the new planet. Dos Soles – Agosto I looked forward to all their sweet stolen moments.


Eunice Not all of them. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Can’t wait to see the cover! View all 12 comments.

I must add something that I took notice of and must spotlight. Everyone already knows it anyway.

There’s more to come, but for us, the story is over. I circle around to the other side of the crowd, then push my way to the front of the group. At the end of Across the Exrthyou get an answer to why Amy was woken up sjades before she was due. They just come off to me as so immature and irritating. In this review there are no spoilers for Shades of Earth at all. Quotes from Shades of Earth.


Carina’s Books: Review: Shades of Earth by Beth Revis

I have an unhealthy obsession with aliens being that I am an alien myself. We finally meet Amy’s parents but the meeting isn’t as pleasant as I would have hoped. What a great way to end this trilogy. Godspeed ‘s former passengers aren’t alone on this planet. Throw in some aliens, weird planet and deaths every day and you have perfect entertainment.

Buy the Audiobook Download: Elder’s grip on me is so tight, though, that he easily lifts me from the ground, spinning in a slow circle, his laughter weaving in between raindrops to splash against my heart. I couldn’t get a grip on it. Otherwise Amy and Elder’s relationship was really sweet and I really enjoyed the romance aspect of this book.

Dos Soles – Agosto 1 7 Aug 01, That cover is a joke Gosh, why can’t Hollywood finally recis on the AtU trilogy so I can see this world for myself? I look forward to reading more by Beth Revis, and I’m happy that she wrote a straightforward science fiction novel for teens.

I love the trust and confidence that has grown between each other and how well they work together. Jan 15, Minutes Young Adult Buy. From the Trade Paperback edition. What has happened in the centuries that Godspeed has been hovering in space? I frexing LOVE the other covers! Feb 18, Trina Between Chapters rated it liked it Shelves: One of my biggest pet peeves in books and movies is when something big happens, I don’t know, someone gets sick and doesn’t know what’s going on and their significant other is waiting until they wake up but There’s going to still be changes that have to be made, and they’re going to have to rebuild their lives.


Beth Revis could write another trilogy or other books, further expanding, further developing, further exploring the entirety of Centauri-Earth.

Trivia About Shades of Earth For me, that gave this book and the entire series an almost play sort of vibe, like where there are only a few sets that actors work with. If they deemed twelve crazy districts and five pointless factions fit to be shown on screens, then they should have guessed that people would love to see Godspeed making its way across the universe too.

Jan 15, Minutes Young Adult. View all 22 comments.