Being Plumville has ratings and 88 reviews. Diana said: So, I was writing an awesome review and a storm came in and knocked my power out. Anyway, her. Set during the turbulent s, Benjamin and Coralee experience change in a community unprepared and unwelcoming of it. Can a relationship rekindle and. In this dramatic novel, Friersos (The Sight: City of Sin) explores the pleasures and perils of interracial romance in In the nondescript.

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Their struggle to be together notwithstanding the real dangers they face just beimg be seen studying together. He even jokes along with his racist friends about blacks, even if his heart doesn’t feel that way.

Being Plumville by Savannah J. Frierson

The people so filled with prejudge and stereotype-filled thought patterns that they didn’t even think twice about the impenetrable hate falling from their mouths. I picked this up thinking I would just read a couple chapters before bed and finish it later but I could not put it down. Published March 29th by iUniverse first published March 26th However, it is not acceptable that Benny should feel that way about Ceelee, because Ceelee is black, and Benny has expectations that he must meet for his family and for Plumville.

But So, I was writing an awesome review and a storm came in and knocked my power out.

I felt the ending was abrupt as well. Felix is another issue. And love is worth fighting for. Benjamin is determined to show Coralee that he is different from the others. Apr 23, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: So, Patty was forced to keep her young plhmville away from Benny.


Being Plumville

I love seeing SC authors having a voice in today’s publishing world. To her, he is another white person who thinks he’s better than her, thinks he can insult her, and treat her like a second class citizen. I certainly recognize the ingrained racism of the white characters and their total lack of awareness of the experience of being Black in the South.

This book is absolutely Amazing! The ‘s, ’60’s and 70’s were times of tremendous social changes in SC, to put it mildly. One of the sweetest read ever. People can say what they want, but their opinion doesn’t legally amount to a hill of beans.

Coralee has to find the courage to fight for the love that she feels has felt for many years beneath the hurt and fear.

Being Plumville by Savannah J. Frierson – FictionDB

It brought the anger and rage to the surface. I was bekng by this book. Jul 30, xoinor rated it it was amazing Shelves: Maybe it was even equal, but I tend to want my relationship front and center with the issues in the background.

The offending slur, “tar baby,” makes an appearance.

Robbie rated it really liked it Apr 18, Plumville, Georgia had an order plumvikle its way of life, and few ever upset it. Her back was to his front, and her head was bent. So, I was writing an awesome review and a storm came in and knocked my power out.


Benjamin dragged his chin from the top of her head to her temple, his breathing harsher than normal. I waited for most of the book for Coralee and Beny to at least have some peace but didn’t get that until the epilogue. That you can’t love who you want to love without being rejected by your own people, and subject to physical harm by his people.

It was educating in that way of reminding you beeing what we, people, all races, activists, and those dedicated had to do and go through to get to the place in the world where we are now. The rapid succession of rain pounding on the roof made her statement ludicrous.

He heard her sharp intake of breath and tightened his hold around her. I mean we get an explanation, but its literally more like a debriefing. That it’s okay for them to call you ugly names, and you have to bite your tongue and deal with it.

I could feel their frustration when they weren’t even able to hold hands or express affection towards each other in public. View on the Mobile Site. A chance encounter allows for them to spend more time together under the bejng of school related meetings.

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