Aztaka is a side-scrolling adventure/RPG with a Metroid-like structure and themes of ancient Aztec culture. #1 in Game Reviews, Walkthroughs and Tips. iOS Impulse: Specials include Aztaka, various Gratuitous Space Battles expansion packs, and.

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The Ancient Ruins part 1 Break the wall to the ancient Ruins you need the rock smashing spear found in the Necromancer’s temple. Initially the combat system seems clumsy, but the game manages to keep you hooked even through its tricky sections.

I’m assuming the spell check changed that from “vessels”? To use this click close to left walktyrough right of Huilzilo waist several times fast. Hidden inside a treasure chest beneath the stairs of the city.

Think you’re an expert in Aztaka? Aztaka manages to package a fairly non-linear experience in a very linear world. Pick up the necklace of the chuckwalla and enter the cave. Comments 5 Views 3, You meet the witch again; left click to go through the speech. Go right till map wzlkthrough go shopping in the city and then go to the crater to get gold elemental energy. You can travel back to areas with the map, which appears whenever you exit an area.

The chasm is too walkthrlugh to jump. Drop to the lower floor then jump up the steps. Continue right drop down and wall jump up the shaft aztak get the lunar naguall. Drag an orb to the container, then go back and drag it to the priest. Note the ghostly priest. Kill the priest and Jump at the door till it breaks — pick up the feather of the gods. The Ants Nest Drop down the hole. RSS Feed Subscribe to our feed. Keep attacking the ant boss with spells and dodge the energy attacks.


Use the Favorites editor. You can refer to the map below. Jump to the new branch. You get the help window telling you Huitzilo can now break walls hint: Note that the rocks at the far right are wall jump enabled. The Hurbutli Jungle More vines and also monkeys to kill. Pick up the skull potion then take the path down to the temple.

Pass through the door and continue left until you encounter Itzlacolk. Feed the totem two blue energy balls.

Steals & Deals: Aztaka, 4 Elements, Alexandra Fortune, and more!

Go through the cave. The queen is vulnerable to spells and attacks from below. Keep going right, at the end use some elemental gold energy on the doorway to unblock it then exit.

Take the white orb that you created and put it in the container.

Aztaka – Walkthrough, Tips, Review

Go left till you emerge in the under city of Malinalco. He will teach you the Rising Spear skill. The prisoner now asks you to see his brother, and tells you to seek the sun god.

The additional moves you learn all blend seamlessly with the side-scrolling experience. Make sure this is what you intended. It costs one green orb to open. You wxlkthrough to sign in or create an account to do that. Good graphics and playability, and a good consistent theme. The Tropical Gale spell works best.


Go right and drop down the right hole. Note the automatic save Enter to battle a monster beetle.

There were many parts of the game that were inexplicable particularly in returning to previous areas that your guide helped me through. Go back right and take the walkthdough back to the lift turn right.

You run into an evil magician. Get this guide started!

Steals & Deals: Aztaka, 4 Elements, Alexandra Fortune, and more! – Gamezebo

Hi Satanyanko, the hanging pillar on the left is wall jumping enabled if you feed the stones two blue energy. Go right killing bats, egg sacks and spiders as you descend deeper. Not only that, but just as your training is done, your evil half-sister turns up and steals a very sacred artifact. He can teach you the rolling attack. Run left until you get to a round area with a blue crystal. This item has been added to your Favorites.