Auditing Standard on Review Engagements ASRE ASRE Review of Historical Financial Information Other than a Financial Report, developed by. conducted our review in accordance with Standard on Review Engagements ASRE Review of Historical Financial Information Other than. have conducted a review in accordance with Standard on Review Engagements ASRE Review of. Historical Financial Information Other.

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We have no plans to abandon lines of product or other plans or intentions that will result in any excess or obsolete inventory, and no inventory is stated at an amount in excess of net realisable value. Obtaining an asrd of the entity and its environment enables the auditor to focus the enquiries made, and the analytical and other review procedures applied in performing a review of the financial report in accordance with this Auditing Standard. General Principles of a Review of a Financial Report Departure from the Applicable Financial Reporting Framework Enquire whether there are any loans where there has been a change to the terms and conditions or management has not complied with the provisions 245 the loan 24405, including any debt covenants.

Report on the [ appropriate title for the financial report ] Financial Report. This matter has been disclosed in Note A in the financial report and we believe that the disclosure sare estimated contingent loss asfe reasonable based on available information.

The auditor shall communicate relevant matters of governance interest arising from the review of the financial report to those charged with governance. The auditor needs to enquire also as to the feasibility of the plans of those charged with governance and whether they believe that the outcome of these plans will improve the situation.

The public sector auditor also may not be in the position to resign from the appointment to audit the annual financial report. Going Concern and Significant Uncertainties Enquire whether loans payable are secured. Law or regulation governing review engagements in the public sector ordinarily mandates the appointment of the auditor.


We confirm, to the best of our knowledge and belief, the following representations made to you during your review. It is not intended that all the procedures suggested apply to every review engagement. The related notes ordinarily comprise a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory information. Compare amounts of major asr categories with those of prior periods and with those anticipated for the current period.

An attitude of professional scepticism denotes that the auditor makes a critical assessment, with a questioning mind, of the validity of evidence obtained and is alert to evidence that contradicts or brings into question the reliability of documents or representations by management of the entity. Enquire whether there are adequate policies and procedures to determine the fair value of financial assets and financial liabilities.

Enquire whether there are any unusual trends and developments affecting accounting estimates. The auditor shall plan and perform the review by exercising professional judgement and with an attitude of professional scepticism, recognising that circumstances may exist that cause the financial report to require a material adjustment for it to be prepared, in all material respects, in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework.

Had a consolidated financial report been prepared, virtually asge account in the financial report would have been materially different. Accordingly, we do not express an audit opinion.

Consider adjustments made resulting from the last physical inventory count. Ordinarily, a limitation on scope prevents the auditor from completing the review. For convenience and efficiency, the auditor may asrs to perform certain audit procedures concurrently with the review of the financial report.

A review of a [period] financial report consists of making enquiries, primarily of persons responsible for financial and accounting matters, and applying analytical and other review procedures. Enquire whether payables to shareholders, those charged with governance and other related parties are separately disclosed. A review ordinarily does not require tests of the accounting records through inspection, observation or confirmation.


The requirements of the applicable financial reporting framework determine the form and content of the financial report.

Obtain and consider a schedule of the transactions in the equity accounts, including new issues, retirements and dividends. The auditor shall enquire whether management has identified all events up to the date of the review report that may require adjustment to or disclosure in the financial report. Review other information included in the financial report and document findings.

The following illustrate some of those situations. Obtain schedules identifying the nature of these accounts and determine whether they agree with the trial balance. Example of a Representation Letter. Discuss recoverability thereof with management.

Standards on Review Engagements

Sare about the accounting policies for adre sales revenue and trade receivables and determine whether they have been consistently and appropriately applied.

Yours faithfully, signed ………………………. Yours faithfully [Name of signing officer and title] Notes: The auditor needs to consider the legal and regulatory requirements, including whether there is a legal requirement for the auditor to issue a report. As this is the first year that [name of entity] is required to prepare a [period] financial report and have it reviewed, the balance sheet, income statement, statement of changes in equity, cash flow statement, [statement or description of accounting policies [61] ] and other selected explanatory notes for the preceding corresponding [period] have not been reviewed or audited.

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Skip to primary navigation Skip to primary content. A review of a financial report does not provide a basis for expressing an opinion whether the financial report gives a true and fair view, or is presented fairly, in all material respects, in accordance with the applicable financial reporting 2450.

The following are examples of how data may be disaggregated:.