al-‘Aqeedah al-Tahhaawiyyah is a book dealing with ‘aqeedah (basic tenets of faith) which was written by Imam al-Tahhaawi and named after. Buy Al-Aqida al-Tahawiyya (With English Commentary) of This short treatise on ‘ Aqida (Islamic theology) written by Imam al-Tahawi though small in size, is a. al ‘Aqida al-Tahawiyya (1st edition). Please note this is the First Edition from . The new (extended version) will be available for purchase soon.

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This short treatise on ‘Aqida Islamic theology written by Imam al-Tahawi though small in size, is a basic text for all times, listing what a Muslim tahawiuya know and believe. Dar Usul al-Din Egypt.

The Horn Publisher UK. He will he subject to whisperings and find himself confused and full of doubt, being neither an accepting believer nor a denying rejector. Denying the knowledge which is accessible is disbelief, and claiming the knowledge which is inaccessible is disbelief. Al-Aqida Al-Tahawiyya Write a review. We do not consider any of the people of our qibla to be unbelievers because of any wrong action they have done, as long as they do not consider that action to have been lawful.

Allah, the Exalted, has only charged people with what they are able to do and people are only capable of doing what Allah has granted them to do. Being a text on Islamic doctrine, this work sums up the arguments set forth in those two sources to define sound belief, and likewise, the arguments advanced in refuting the views of sects that have deviated from the Sunna.

al-‘Aqida al-Tahawiyya – Arabic Text with English Translation & Commentary; By Fahim Hoosen

It came from Him as speech without it being possible to say how. A man’s Islam is not secure unless it is based on submission and surrender. Oxford University Press UK. Add to Wish List. Everyone is eased towards what he was created for and it is the action with which a man’s life is sealed which dictates his fate.


Al-Aqida Al-Tahawiyya

Tahawyiya exact nature of the decree is Allah’s secret in His creation, and no angel near the Throne, nor Prophet sent with a message, has been given knowledge of it.

Maktabat Dar al-Falah Syria.

Now in your cart 0 items. Allah knew, before the existence of time, the exact number of those who would enter the Garden and the exact number of those who would enter the Fire.

Dar as-Sunnah Publishers UK. They are subject to His will and judgement. Tahawi al, Imam Abu Ja’far. Markaz al-Furqan liTa’lim al-Qur. He completed the memorization of the Quran inand thereafter graduated from Madrasa Taleemuddeen, Aida Beach in Belief can only be firm when accessible knowledge is accepted and the inaccessible is not sought after.

In his deluded attempt to investigate the Unseen, he is seeking a secret that can never be uncovered, and he ends up an evil-doer, telling nothing but lies.

We believe in all these things. Fahawiyya is because He has the power to do everything, everything is dependent on Him, everything is easy aqira Him, and He does not need anything. We ask Allah to protect us from all falsehood and we ask His Grace and Favour to do all good.

al ‘Aqida al-Tahawiyya (1st Edition)

His will overpowers all other wills and His decree overpowers all stratagems. Maxamed Daahir Afrax Dr. He has always existed together with His attributes since before creation. A first-rate jurist, a brilliant grammarian and philologist, and an erudite man of letters, Imam al-Tahawi is best known for his eponymous creed.

Cambridge University Press UK. And if all created beings were to gather together to make something exist which Allah had not written on it, they would not be able to do so. This in sum is what those of Allah’s Friends with enlightened hearts need to know and constitutes the degree of those firmly endowed with knowledge.

We leave their secrets to Allah. We renounce any connection with them and in our opinion they are in error and on the path of destruction.


Therefore, anyone who asks: Imam Abu Ja’far al-Tahawi Pages: As the Book of our Lord has expressed it: So be extremely careful about thinking and reflecting on this matter or letting doubts about it assail you, because Allah has kept knowledge of the decree away from human beings, and forbidden them to enquire about it, saying in His Book, “He is not asked about what He does, but they are asked” al-Anbiya’ This short treatise on ‘Aqida Islamic theology written by Imam al-Tahawi though small in size, is a basic text for all times, listing what a Muslim must know and believe.

He sent it down on His Messenger as revelation. This period was the greatest age of Hadith and fiqh studies, and Imam Tahawi studied with all the living authorities of the day.

The importance of this text lies in the fact that it corroborates the views of Imam Abu Hanifa the founder of the Hanafi school of jurisprudence, that have come down to us from different sources. We tahawiyyya not say that any of them will categorically go to either the Garden or the Fire, and we do not accuse any of tahawihya of kufr tabawiyyashirk associating partners with Allahor nifaq hypocrisyas long as they have not openly demonstrated any of those things.

This edition includes a brief and simple commentary by Mawlana Fahim Hoosen. Anyone who speaks well of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and his wives and offspring, who are all pure and untainted by any impurity, is free from the accusation of hypocrisy.