The widest selection of Ground Stations and Very Small Aperture Terminals ( VSAT) including portable, flyaway, vehicle, marine, internet and SNG Antennas for. A complete product portfolio for Broadcast, Consumer and Enterprise VSAT, Cellular Backhaul and Trunking, Government and Defense., Consumer & Enterprise. SIRM รจ un fornitore indipendente di soluzioni VSAT per il settore marittimo . Le soluzioni SIRM possono essere richieste utilizzando antenne.

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VSAT installers general index. Satellite installer Kenya Benedict Kiilu. This is a very long page. Please spend time searching all the way down. I tend to put recent and updated details at the top. The details are in no particular order. It’s all free for your benefit.

It is not paid-for advertising. If you want your details included please write your own, true, details and don’t just copy someone else’s details. Duplicate scam tends to get deleted!

VSAT satellite dish installers in Africa

Kamu Kamu Plaza, Entebbe Road. Field engineer VSAT installer. Installation and maintenance of: O3b technologies and tracking antennas. Supply and installation of a antrnne distribution system antenna-cable-switch-lnb Supply and installation of computer networks patch-switch-plug panels. Supply printer and consumable. Satellite Internet service provider and installations.

He is versed in the following: Experience on C-band and Ku-band with antenna sizes 1. This is a team of well qualified satcom staff with a wide range of GVF professional certifications: GVFE,and Their competences include theory, design, the operation of many technologies, site survey, troubleshooting and teleport operation. And lots of installation training certificates. I started in back in London later moved to Nigeria, I recently relocated to Johannesburg, South Africa where am based now.

We have varied experience in installation of natenne. BoxNairobi Tel: I am a young Cameroonian BSc. I have experienced many VSAT projects dealer customer interface, licences acquisitions, equipments deliveries, complete installations and maintenance of antennas 1. His team antnne experience of installation and maintenance on all kinds of work on satellite, optical fibre and antene microwave systems.

He has worked with most of the regulatory authorities in southern Africa and can organise licensing. Click image for more examples Chris K. Contact us for all your VSAT related services and logistics. He has been a VSAT installer since for 1. Willing to travel anywhere. Have been a team lead for over 5 years handling projects in East and Central Africa. Projects ranging from consultancy, Design, Deployment and Support in the field of service provider core and access network.


I am a Abtenne with more than 14 years in telecommunication field. I have perfect knowledge in: Contact me for all your VSAT related anntenne and logistics.

Based in Luanda, but willing to travel anywhere. PNouakchott, Mauritanie Mobile: Including Geo orbit and Inclined orbit. He and his team have installed and antenhe several 2. Site survey work includes a 3D modelling of the antenhe before the installation begins, for interested vast. We also offer Television uplinks and great deal of experienced with wireless ISP projects. We are working in the communication field, especially on broad band satellite communication for more than 13 years.

We are trying to put our contribution to impact the satellite industry in a positive way. Our teams are equipped with professional tools, spectrum analyzer, and Digital multi meter, Cable meter, power meter, grounding measuring tools, volte meter, and Voltage Polarity identifier. RFI detection tools, professional’s connectors, water proofing tape.

We are pleased to work with our customer and please contact us for any project you may have. Berhanu Mamuye mamberhanu gmail. I have done installations and after sales service in Southern Africa. Antennw have a sound telecommunication background which has proven to be useful with the integration of Voice over IP.

I am an Avanti certified installer.

I have an experience on C-band and Ku-band beams of the different satellites. Have been doing VSAT installations sinceall over my country and even outside my country like in: Ghana and Central Africa Republica.

I have deployed and installed VSAT equipments for private companies, multinationals and government bodies in Niger. Knowledge with different product like: I look forward to being one of your installers.

Professionalism and good work are my credo. Six years sntenne in site survey, antenna installation, cabling, pointing and commissioning in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

Dish sizes ranging from 1. VSAT install details and pictures He is available to offer ground operations for any satellite service provider within the region.


Apart from holding other accreditations in the VSAT field, the company have done vast installations from Ka band systems to C band systems up to 9.


They design and provide high-end atnenne data network solutions for corporate, banks and government organizations in 25 countries on the continent. They have also been involved in network integration, monitoring and security. We are based in Libreville. We help with the design and implement of infrastructure for telecommunication networks, providing value added services to multinational companies, banks, antennw companies and international organizations.

The company has experienced technicians, engineers, commercial and administrative staff. Zibhino Rodriguez Ango Sales Dept. VSAT Hubs installation and configuration. Site Survey, installation, commissioning and decommissioning Relocation, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance.

Comtech, iDirect, Datum system. Familiar with Ku-Band and C-Band, 1. I have been trained by Africa e-Development Resource Centre.

I have more than ten years experience in satellite antenna installations i. Both remote VSATs and hubs, 1. End users include Mining, Embassy and Government.

Kenya, also Central, East and Horn of Africa. Involved in the planning and implementing Mauritania’s national telecoms infrastructure, switching centres, cable and satellite.

Engineering staff are available with experience of iDirect and Hughes modems, tracking and monitoring systems. I am based in Kinshasa, DRC. I am a qualified and certified installer with experience of over 10 years. Le VSAT est une station emittrice – receptrice de communication par satellite.

I have successifully carried out Vsat, Wi-Fi and Wimax projects for both government and private organizations, have experience for over four years in radio frequency and Information communication technology. I have worked with iDirect and Comtech Modems. I have assembled 1.

Specialist in Wi-Fi Also, experience in 1. Based in Ghana and willing to travel anywhere. I am part of most of Satellite projects in Ghana such as. National Health Insurance, About Apex sites. We have a wealth of experience: Installation of Satellite antennas ranging from 1 m to 9.

I have build up a team of professional engineers that work all around Africa.

Over years we have perfected our RF experience and IP engineering. Its Fun working with My team since we deliver, We know our Job Based anntenne Cairo, Egypt and willing to travel anywhere.