Amercoat Chemical Resistant Lining. Product Data/. Application Instructions. • High Solids, high performance epoxy novolac also defined. Amercoat – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. This Safety Data Sheet is prepared in accordance with Annex II to Regulation ( EC) No. / AMERCOAT CHEMICAL LINING CURE.

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Performance of the coating system is relative to the surface preparation accomplished. Consult Hi-Temp for alternate and approved primers.

SML Marine Paints – Amercoat by Ameron is comparable to Tankguard Sp. Topcoat

If surface glaze develops during cure, it is necessary to abrade the surface prior to topcoating. Galvanizing or Galvalume Remove oil or soap film with detergent or emulsion cleaner, then use a phosphatizing conversion coating. Thin the second coat with Amercoat thinner or Amercoat thinner. Continuously agitate throughout application. Do not heat cure until after holiday detection has been accomplished when specified.

Some graffiti materials become more difficult to remove when aged, and incomplete removal may result. Well cured, catalyzed coatings are typically resistant to cleaning with Amerase, but some level of down-glossing may occur. Please refer to System Guide for further information.

Surface temperature 50 F to F 10 C to 49 C General air quality Area should be sheltered from airborne particulates and pollutants. Pacific Southwest prides itself on developing performance coating systems that meet not only performance and life cycle requirements, but also through put and process requirements ameecoat are important to the manufacturing cycle.


This standard is intended to provide useful information to amercota Professional Service Provider PSP to establish a basis of design.


For thorough cleaning of the material line, disassemble and clean by attaching a rag to a piece of wire and pulling the rag amerclat the line several times to remove any deposits from the side walls. Prepare surface in accordance with application instructions for the specific primer being used.

Solar Reflectance More information. Pour in the hardener component and power agitate until thoroughly mixed. Use a spray tip size of “. Topcoat should do the same job and have similar properties but you should always read the technical data sheets for both Tankguard Sp.

Amercoat 253

Round off all rough welds and sharp edges. Galvanized surfaces that have been passivated with a chromate treatment must be lightly abrasive blasted. Apply Dimetcote 9-series primer as soon as possible to avoid rusting of blasted surfaces.

Dry spray and poor film characteristics may also occur. Available in 1-gallon cans amrecoat. Delivery Clear despatch times and next day delivery to most of the UK.

Thinner Amercoat 65, Amercoat Cleaning solvent Amercoat 12 Cleaner or Amercoat 65 thinner xylene Primers Direct to substrate, Dimetcote 9-series primers Safety precautions For paint and recommended thinners see safety sheetand relevant material safety data sheets This amercoxt a solvent borne paint and care should be taken to avoid inhalation of spray mist or vapor as well as contact between the wet paint and exposed amerxoat or eyes.

Contact PPG for maximum allowable salt containment levels. Ensure the surface ph has been neutralized 7. New slabs horizontal surfacesshould have a float or broom finish as described in ACI Specification Email Phone Mail For more information please see our privacy policy.


Refer to Information Bulletin for further information. Concrete Cure concrete a minimum of 14 days and until 80 percent of its physical properties have been attained before applying Amercoat A.

Prime with an epoxy primer. HTC products are intended for Buyers with the knowledge and skills to evaluate the suitability of HTC s products for Buyer s intended use. When this is impossible or impractical, Amerlock can be applied over mechanically cleaned surfaces. Most tiles are by themselves waterproof More information. For immersion service and for optimum performance, surface temperature must be at least 5 F above the dew point temperature. Mechanical surface preparation should expose sub-surface voids and provide a surface profile equivalent to ameecoat grit sandpaper or coarser.

Stainless Steel Abrasive blast with hard angular abrasive to achieve a uniform and dense mil anchor profile. When properly used, Amerase will not damage surfaces coated with Amerase or PSXeven after repeated cleaning.

This work shall include the. Start display at page:. Mixing zmercoat by volume: Specifier’s and contractors not only need to properly evaluate the. Take care not to touch blasted surfaces. Repair Prepare damaged areas to original surface preparation specifications, feathering edges of intact coating.