Synopsis. Strange things have been happening to Daire Santos. Animals follow her, crows mock her, glowing people appear from nowhere. Worried that Daire’s . See photos of Alyson’s New Mexico research trip for The Soul Seekers. Fated. Fated Book 1. Strange things are happening to Daire Santos. Crows mock her. Title: Fated Author: Alyson Noel Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Release Date: November 13th, Lately strange things have been.

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It was nice to see Alyson have her characters get to know one another and take their time building a relationship. A call to her true destiny as a Soul Seeker, one who can navigate between the worlds of the living nol the dead. She believes that she’s just convenient so they choose her. Fated was first in my reading list by Alyson Noel, and I have very high expectations from this book.

Book Review of Fated by Alyson Noel | A Bookworms Haven

Jinky Spring rated it it was ok Shelves: How can she possibly be a mother? It isn’t ‘rubbish’ or ‘overly terrible’, it’s more of a ‘good’ or ‘hmmm, that was okay’, kind of book. A book that you shouldn’t expect too much from. Daire has been sent to live with her grandma in New Mexico because of her unstable mental health Read more of my reviews at Falling Books!

I was talking about how this book sucked.

The Soul Seekers Series by Alyson Noel

From looking at the cover and reading over the blurb, you would think that this is an amazing book, right?

What more can you ask for? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Like a coin Dace and Cade were two different people with same looks but opposite personality. She and her mother travel so much and as a result they never put down roots.


Now Daire is forced to discover if Dace is the one guy fted meant to be with She never expected to fall in love with one of them. The author has a great sense of detail and imagery, which is what made me keep reading.

The cover is gorgeous as well, what attracted me to it was the dreamcatcher earring.

The Soul Seekers Series

You have one good and one evil, both with very different backgrounds and views. Aug 01, Angela marked it as to-read Shelves: Every time you point a finger in scorn—there are three remaining fingers pointing right back at you.

Fated did an excellent job setting up everything for the next books in the series. It explores a lot alhson Mexican and Native American culture, with the Day of the Dead and spirit animals and shamanism, etc. Fearing for her daughter’s sanity, Daire’s mother sends her to live with the grandmother she’s never met, but who recognizes the visions for what they truly are—the call to her destiny as a Soul Seeker—one who can navigate the worlds between the living and dead.

I’m really looking forward to seeing where this series goes! ayson

alysonn Unfortunately, Fated didn’t have those things. No one and I mean it would think you are crazy if you saw something that no one else could see. When Daire is around Dace, every paragraph is filled with her describing his “glossy dark hair” and “icy blue eyes”.

To those of you who cringe at her name, though, I can say: But when I read the book it just reminded me of The Immortals.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She does however have strange things happen to her often, like time slowing down or visions of glowing people. I really didn’t see the purpose of that part.

Then maybe you’ll take the safer path and veer clear from this terrible book, which is full of crap. We start with Daire – a teenage girl who believes that she is going crazy because time seems to stop around her and she’s seeing things, strange things, and she’s starting to wonder what is real and what isn After being severely disappointed in where Noel took The Immortals series, I really had low expectations going into this one.


In fact, I should ta I’ll just sum the damn book into one simple picture since a picture is worth a thousand words. So The Immortals was about two selfish teens wanting to have sex, right? And with the fate of her boyfriend Dace in the balance, Daire must put aside her personal feelings and focus on defeating Cade, whose evil plans threaten everyone she loves and the world as she knows it. And, then, she comes face to face with the boy from her dreams.

Book Review of Fated by Alyson Noel

I don’t noek when I’ll be reading the next book, but I’ll hopefully get to it some time. The thing you need to know about Arabic countries, especially countries like Morocco, that dealing with magic isn’t all that strange. Oh, what maybe in book two or three or seventy-eight? So what makes this book a trademark Alyson Noel book?

Obviously, she had to fall in love with the enemy, right? With her grandmother gone and Cade back in Enchantment, Daire must finally step into her destiny and lead the fight against the Cated. Crows mock her, glowing people stalk her, time stops without warning, and a beautiful boy with unearthly blue eyes haunts all her dreams. This review also appears over at my blog.