תניה said: My attempt at reproducing Alinea’s Surf Clam dish. The debut cookbook from the restaurant Gourmet magazine named the best in the country. Not so with the recently released Alinea cookbook. Consuming this one has been a more protracted commitment, spanning a few weeks, filling. San Francisco resident Allen Hemberger received Alinea, the cookbook, as a Christmas gift the year it came out, and soon enough he was at.

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While I was breaking the rules for one book i also pre-ordered big fat duck too.

And supposedly, if you can find the ingredients, the recipes are designed for home chefs ; like me. Achatz, on the other hand, isn’t. As a coffee table book, Lara Kaster’s photographs are some of the most stunning food photography I’ve ever seen.

I for one will be ordering a copy of this as soon as this comment is posted. Sep 28, pianogal rated it really liked it Shelves: The EMD Guide to the s: The pictures are gorgeous, and it is a great souvenir, but unless you are really into molecular gastronomy, I don’t see this having a broad audience.

Alibea, a penny saved, and all that…. This book draws a line in the ground between Traditional and Modern if you will. Christmas present akinea someone I know! But with the advent of technology. They realized catching up was futile.

Again, to be expected, all of which it excels at, and the book will surely hold it’s own against this season’s big books from the allinea innovative chefs working today. Besides the El Bulli books by Ferran Adria which are hard to come buy and very expensivethis is the first real cookbook dealing with molecular gastronomy by a well known chef.


In his introductory essay “How to Use this Book,” Nick Kokonas hints that the team behind it were aware of Alinea’s crisis of identity. I didnt sign up for clothesline bacon. Yes, I’m reading a cookbook. But that doesn’t sit well with me; I want them to take a side. Half, Kokonsas said, have been presold.

At least we will have more freedom at what alinew choose to spend our vookbook kitchen paychecks on. There’s an exploration of all the high-tech ingredients and techniques, used to push the boundaries of food preparation and presentation, aoinea just as gimmicks. I’m an author and journalist who writes primarily about food and cooking. What makes Alinea extraordinary—beyond the difficult task it set out to accomplish, which was to create a sense of dookbook restaurant in book form and which it, in my not-unbiasesd opinion, achieves—is the nature of its creation.

It hasn’t decided whether it’s an artifact documenting the phenomenon of the Alinea kitchen, or if it’s a link between the restaurant and the home cook, or if it’s a tool of the brand. Congragulation to Chef Achatz, he has gone through a hell of a lot the last couple of years, congragulations to him on what I am sure will be an amazing book.

I go a little further, describing Achatz with a word that he would probably never use to describe himself: Alinea by Grant Achatz. You see folks moving out and pushing the envelope move and then I move and then they move…and there is no catching up!

Alinea by Grant Achatz

Best of luck to you guys. His name is Grant Achatz, and he is redefining the American restaurant once again for an entirely new generation. As you read, a question emerges: They should be saying “these are the recipes, cook them. No trivia or quizzes yet. Will I buy it anyway?


Guy Who Cooked the Entire Alinea Cookbook Wrote a Beautiful-Looking Book About the Experience

Beautiful photography and detailed recipes by one of America’s greatest chefs. Both those of us in the industry and those outside it. Some are definitely do-able in the home kitchen, and others are obviously not. Achatz creativity in preparation, technique and presentation is astonishing.

The approach of Chef Achatz of the ever-constant questioning attitude and the quest to surpass expectations is quite unique. You fellas have been doing it for years…Do you really expect to go home with the centerfold? Chalk it up to irrational exuberence. Plus I made the choice to order from cookbooj website so I could get a signed copy and feel good about where all of the money was going.

This is a document of the exact recipes the Alinea brigade uses. Advanced cooking aficionados, professional chefs, designers.

Alinea, the cookbook | Michael Ruhlman

WineWench At the risk of quoting a guy aliena, I now have a culinary boner. Nov 29, Chuck rated it liked it. Whoever said all recipes and cooking should be easy.

The fact that it came out so wonderful is no surprise since it comes from the very gifted Chef Grant Achatz.