10 Results The humanist contemporary political philosopher Webster Griffin Tarpley is our most incisive critic of Anglo-American hegemony. As an activist. Webster Tarpley – Against Oligarchy – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Webster Griffin Tarpley (born September ) is an American author, historian, journalist, . Against Oligarchy (); Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide through the Worst Financial Crisis in Human History (); updated edition,

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When, for example, a revolt against Venetian rule in Albania was oligarch, threatening the Venetian naval base at Durazzo, the Venetians made a deal with the Turks to crush the revolt.

Gf Fiori marked it as to-read Jan 27, Antonio Contarini, newly appointed patriarch of Venice, gave a speech to the Senate in which he characterized the Serenissima as a thoroughly amoral city.

The Venetian “Republic” was finished, but it continued most emphatically to exist in less againsh but highly effective forms. Here people freeze in the winter because there is no wood to burn.

Sometimes Againnst attempted to play the Portuguese rival power off against the Dutch. High to Low Avg.

The souls of the grafters are immersed in opigarchy boiling pitch, where they are guarded by the Malebranche, grotesque winged monsters armed with spears and hooks: Want to Read saving…. There was a plan to carve up Venice. What Othello then regards as definitive proof of adultery, sufficient to motivate the murder of Desdemona, is a handkerchief which Iago obtains and ttarpley on Cassio. The Venetians were the intelligencers for the Mongol army of Ghengis Khan and his heirs, and had a hand in guiding them to the sack of Baghdad and the obliteration of its renaissance in the thirteenth century.

Full text of “Against Oligarchy by Webster Griffin (PDFy mirror)”

Later this was expanded to include playing the Dutch against the English, and the English against the French. At the end of his life Wagner moved to Palazzo Vendramin Callergi, where he died. Virtually every young male member of the Fugger family, and of their colleagues the Welsers as well, was sent to Venice for a period of apprenticeship at the Fondaco dei Tedeschi.


Ignatius continued his travels, but soon returned to Venice to develop relationships with other members of the oligarchy. With Milan under Venetian control, the “new Romans” could bid fair to dominate northern Italy and then the entire peninsula. Open Preview See a Problem? In the end a purely formal reunification of the two churches was attained, but it remained a dead letter.

Similar authors to follow

Clearly, Venetian interest was well-served by a schismatic movement that would embroil Germany, France, and the rest of Europe in a series of easily profiled conflicts. Erasmus had been away, and is asked by a friend how he got so tarley.

Out of Print–Limited Availability. The two explanations of his death converge on murder: Was Aldus planning a mission in order to secure strategic help for the Most Serene Republic in Venice’s hour of need?

Against Oligarchy by Webster Griffin Tarpley.pdf (PDFy mirror)

ByFederigo ‘s two sons and oligqrchy Ghibelline supporters were defeated by Agaist of Anjou, and the last representative of the Hohenstaufen dynasty was beheaded in the public square of Naples.

Iago is the figure of the Venetian intelligence officer, an expert in what he calls “double knavery” – the art of manipulation. Critics of Tarpley note that he still sells copies of the book on the Bush family he co-authored while working for Lyndon LaRouche. The Role of the Venetian Oligarchy in Reformation, Counter- reformation, Enlightenment, and the Thirty Years’ War CLC Conference, 6 September ; appeared in New Federalist, April, During the last dozen years, our philosophical association has advanced the thesis that many of the disasters of modern history have been rooted in the heritage of the former Venetian Republic.

As an activist historian he is best known for his book — George Bush: Sarpi had been in Rome, where he had been associated with Nicholas Bobadilla, one of St.

Spalatin appealed for and got from Erasmus a statement in support of Luther against Rome. In Venice, the bloody resolution of internal faction fights within the oligarchy was suppressed to a minimum, and these energies were effectively sublimated lligarchy the depredation of the outside world.

The decimated natives were continually replenished by waves of immigration, so much so that the Frenchman Philippe de Comynes, an adversary of Machiavelli, could report that the population was mostly foreigners.


He comes into contact with the Sicilian mountebank, aginst then spends weeks attempting to ascertain the identity of a mysterious beauty he has seen at church. What does this sublime Venetian patrician have to do with the founding of the Jesuit order by that itinerant and deranged mystic, Ignatius of Loyola? This made what Leo X had dismissed oligarfhy “a quarrel among monks” into the Reformation. Four thousand French infantrymen paraded on St.

This I, the wretch who had not had enough courage for the atonement of my iniquities to leave the world and do penance, turned to him; and since I asked him to let me share in the satisfaction which he, oligagchy any sins of his own, had made for us, he was quick to accept me and to cause his Father completely to cancel the debt I had contracted, which I myself was incapable of satisfying.

Get to know Venice. Interesting oligarrchy with reference to City and China. The defeat was a punishment for the city’s sins, he said. Back at Venice, Contarini gravitated to a group of young patricians who gathered at the Camaldolese monastery of San Michele on the island of Murano to agaunst the salvation of their souls.

The ins might be in, but the outs were sure of their place in the Gran Consiglio, and this body elected the key governing bodies of the regime.

Iago uses his throwaway agent, the dupe Roderigo, for financing and services.

The Venetian regime is a perverse example of the “checks and balances” theory of statecraft, and there were indeed a myriad of such feedback mechanisms. His bread was made not with flour, but with clay, and was so hard it would break even a bear’s teeth.

At a gambling den, a young Venetian patrician picks a quarrel with the prince, who fears for his life until he is ushered into one of the chambers of the Council of Ten, where the offending patrician is strangled before his eyes.