AFI 91-302 PDF

This is the initial publication of AFI , revising AFR Don’t develop AFOSH standards if existing Air Force directives and technical. Refer to Air Force Instruction (AFI) , Air Force Occupational and .. AFI , Air Force Occupational and Environmental Safety, Fire. AFOSH program guidance applies to all areas, except where otherwise . Manages the AFOSH standards program (AFI , Air Force.

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The sensitivity of ALSE requires environmental and climatic controls. Winds, wave height, and their impact on SAR operations. Establish procedures to ensure extra, sanitized copies of deploying aircraft and aircrew ALSE records accompany deploying aircraft and aircrews. Ensure adequate distraction-free training facilities, sites and equipment are available to conduct all ALSCT events.

Advises commander, staff, and operating agencies of availability, limitations, and requirements for motor vehicles and personnel. Lists in the column 1 Task, Knowledge, and Technical Reference the most common tasks, knowledge, and technical references TR necessary for airman to perform duties in the 3- 5- and 7-skill level.

Develops a technology transfer plan to move exploratory and advanced development ALS technologies into full-scale development. Establish Performance Standards 3.

Egress Volume 1 UREs – ProProfs Quiz

Subduing can be accomplished by application of paint or taping of helmet shells to blend with the aircraft exterior color. Code of Federal Regulation 49 Manages vehicle custodial account and vehicle authorization and utilization program. Units aci host support to tenant units will maintain authorized ALSE according to support agreements and directives.


Determines adequacy of controls established for occupational health hazards. A publication derived from initial and advanced skills course training standard, identifying the tasks and knowledge requirements, and respective standards provided to achieve a 3-or 7-skill level in this career field. If necessary, request support from the nearest major AFMC base.

Column 4 shows the proficiency to be demonstrated on the job by the graduate as a result of training on the task and knowledge and the career knowledge provided by the correspondence course. Standardized guidance will be provided avi the maximum extent possible.

The guidance provided in this part of the CFETP will ensure each individual receives viable training at appropriate points in their career.

Egress Volume 1 Ures

Unit or mission-specific skills and knowledge are locally determined and taught. Hands-on, over-the-shoulder training conducted to certify personnel in both upgrade skill level award and job qualification duty position certification training.

Pull the pin, Aim the nozzle, Sweep back and afu, Squeeze the handle.

Working as a member of a team, utilizing an assortment of afl and tie-down equipment. Certification for OJT 4. The goal is a uniform package for all units using the UTC.

The College uses a competency adi assessment process for trade skill certification at one of four proficiency levels: Ensure mishap response kits are developed and available to allow active participation as an interim or primary mishap investigation board member. Quality Inspector QI Requirements. In response to a wartime scenario, these tasks will be taught in the 3-skill level course in a streamlined training environment.


Climate zone and existing weather throughout range of flights reference T. Investigates accidents or incidents within functional areas.

Training should be accomplished using training equipment that mirrors operational equipment and realistic scenarios, which aircrew and passengers are likely to encounter. Oxygen mask connectors and emergency quick disconnects will be inspected and tested at least once every 30 days.

Provides representation to the APEC. Crewmembers whose main function wfi performing duties in the rear of a multiplace aircraft, e. ACs will determine the clothing requirements for the route of travel when performing passenger or patient transport missions aboard MAJCOM support aircraft. All deploying aircrews will af individual ALSE combat configured prior to the first employment mission.

Vehicle operator information 9-1302 records TR: Establishes procedures for intra-command coordination and configuration control of ALS subsystems and equipment. Store items neatly and separated to prevent commingling of serviceable, reparable, and unserviceable items. The letter of certification must include a list of courses applicable by aircraft system each instructor is qualified to teach and must be updated by endorsement throughout the year. If approved, waivers remain in effect for the amount of time 91-30 to correct the problem causing the waiver requirement, not to exceed one year.

Serves on the APEC.