The Sabbath by Abraham Joshua Heschel. Uploaded by wolverine A chapter from the book 50 Spiritual Classics – Timeless Wisdom from 50 Great Books. In , the Jewish philosopher Abraham Joshua Heschel published a ‘ Abraham Joshua Heschel, The Sabbath: Its Meaningfor Modern Man (New York. The goal of Abraham Joshua Heschel’s The Sabbath is clear from the prologue: Heschel wishes to reestablish the Sabbath day as a.

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The Sabbath: Its Meaning for Modern Man by Abraham Joshua Heschel

The only parts where I got a bit lost were when Heschel would quote from works by other rabbis- texts I was unfamiliar with. Even religions are frequently dominated by the notion that the deity resides in space, within particular localities like mountains, forests, trees or stones, which are, therefore, singled out as holy places; the deity is bound to a particular land; holiness a quality associated with things of space, and the primary question is: Lyrical and erudite, the book facilitates Sabbath: He likens abstention from labor and activity as comparable to negative theology, that is, the description of God in negative terms, what God is not.

Time and space are interrelated.

So, although we work in sabbaath structural world for six days of the week, we can escape to the temporal when we celebrate the Sabbath. Six days a week we seek to dominate the world, on the seventh day we try to dominate the self p.

This alternative is the sanctification of time, rather than the sanctification of space. Inspired by Pang’s book, I’ve been experimenting with taking ‘digital sabbaths’ for the past year or so: He was the youngest ioshua six children including his siblings: On the whole I enjoyed it, but I don’t find Heschel’s writing as beautiful as some others seem to.


Avraham is a day for praise, not a day for petitions. Oct 12, Daniel rated it really liked it Shelves: I don’t practice Judaism, but I don’t think you need to be Jewish to appreciate its very powerful wisdom: But the spirit is waiting for man to join it. I recommend it to people interested in a fresh, more poetic vision of the sabbath.

The structural is consumed by time, but time never changes, it just goes on The Sabbath, by Abraham Joshua Heschel. Heschel’s book captures the philosophical underpinnings of that sense of joy, if not the joy itself. The Sabbath is the day on which we learn the art of surpassing civilization p. But just think, if each of us reduced our personal assholism by just one seventh, how much better a world we would share with each other.

Feb 03, Melissa rated it really liked it.

His objective here is to present a complementary view of the world and the spirit. I really liked this book. The Sabbath helped me see and think about Shabbat in new ways that can make it even more special.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Thanks for telling us about the problem. There are many who have acquired a high degree of political and social liberty, but only very few are not enslaved to things.

The meaning of the Sabbath- rest, holiness, sanctuary and peace- is explored and delved into here, like no other book I’ve read on the subject. In his writings, he blends scholarship with the heart of a poet.

The Sabbath – Abraham Joshua Heschel – Google Books

For the pious person, my father once wrote, it is a privilege to die. Aabraham, the time factor also relates to a rhythm that repeats on a weekly basis Such a man will busy himself in the preparation of the Sabbath food, even though he have a thousand servants p. This site uses cookies. Is civilization essentially evil, to be rejected and condemned? In a way, it reminds me of my experience in reading Rumi: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Seriously in love with it and its place within Judaism and the abrajam.


A brilliant work, both for those with broad familiarity abraahm Judaism and for one seeking something of the depth and spirituality of the tradition beyond the introductory. An ancient tradition declares: He follows this with various stories gleaned from traditional sources on the meaning rabbis and prophets have found in the Sabbath.

The Sabbath: Its Meaning for Modern Man

Heschel was a descendant of preeminent rabbinic families of Europe, both on his father’s Moshe Mordechai Heschel, who died of influenza in and mother’s Reizel Perlow Heschel side, and a descendant of Rebbe Avrohom Yehoshua Heshl of Hescyel and other dynasties.

Oct 06, Melanie rated it it was amazing. Though too sacred to be polluted, they are not too sacred to be exploited. Hesvhel is obvious in our understanding of time, which, being thingless and insubstantial, appears to us as if it had no reality.

He maintains that images of the Sabbath as a queen or a bride are helpful and true, but that is ghe all the Sabbath is.